Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse (I) – ‘Fact Finding’ 3 March 2015 Royal Courts of (No)Justice

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Papa Kills Babies… The Hampstead SRA scandal.

Last summer, two children 8 and 9 told their Russian mother they and other children had been abused by their father and teachers at their school. They alleged their British dad was the leader of a paedophille cult and had trained them to eat babies. The mum went to the police and the children were taken into care. The case is now being heard in the High Court but meanwhile the story has broken on the internet with millions across the world having viewed the videos of the children describing their ordeal. The mother and her Mckenzie Friend have been blamed and are wanted for arrest but have fled the country. The alleged abuser dad still sees the children weekly. The cover-up at the Royal Courts of Nojustice continues until 12 march.




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