(Penser la France) French Freemasons publicly affirm that a « Law of Silence » is used to cover pedophile crimes

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In an « Open Letter to the Freemasons of France » of 21 April 2022, a group of « Patriotic Freemasons » evokes in the middle of their text what Pedopolis.com and so many others have been denouncing for so long: the institutionalized protection of pedocremicals:

 « What astonishment to see these French Obediences adopt the same call – or almost – as the Catholic Assembly of the Bishops of France, with only one common point – this law of silence – having served to cover, still in recent years, crimes of corruption as well as crimes of pedophilia.

The Hatred of Freemasonry grew. But, it is first of all the hatred of this corrupt little game so well embodied by the French Masonic Obediences.
As Bruno Etienne said in the evening of his life, « We must dissolve the French Masonic Obediences! They are useless! »


Read the full press release: « Presidential 2022: « Open letter to the French Freemasons! » (Thinking France)

HERE (Franch text, use a translator) : https://www.penserlafrance.fr/2022/04/21/presidentielle-2022-lettre-ouverte-aux-francs-macons-de-france-penser-la-france/

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