Exopolitics TV Jay Parker: Comment 30 Millions de satanistes américans maintiennent la planête dans le trouble

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Alfred Lambremont Webre & Jay Parker
VANCOUVER, B.C. – In this compelling indepth interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Jay Parker, who was born into a multi-generational Satanic/Illuminati family and received MONARCH trauma-based mind-control as a child, discusses (1) Satanic/Illuminati control of U.S. and world society and religions; (2) His personal life experiences being brought up in a Satanic/Illuminati family; and (3) Inter-dimensional (Luciferic/Satanic) or extraterrestrial forces that interact with/control the Satanic/Illuminati power structure.


Transcription / Traduction amateur: Berna / Thanks to Chris & Stuart


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